The Rockefeller Effect

When we hear about energy independence the mindset is still locked into oil and all its by-products. Granted oil is still a vital commodity but to be solely dependent on oil, coal, and natural gas for the largest percentage of our energy needs now and for the future literally puts us back to the advent of the First Industrial Revolution. Today, the United States has the technology, the availability, autocar-australia and the ability to power our whole energy grid, our automobiles and every other mode of transport using non carbon producing energy sources. Unfortunately, even with all this technology the powers that be are still hell bent on that old phrase of “Drill baby Drill” All this does is leaves are dark clouds of pollution hanging over our heads. And, we all know what that brings. We are not the only country with those dark clouds of pollution either. Every country that continues to use fossil fuel either for transport or for their energy grids faces more financial instability instead of stability the longer they remain true to the fuel sources of the first and second industrial revolution.. All one has to do is look at China where in their nations capital, Beijing pollution hangs like a dense fog that never seems to dissipate. The health related concerns that pollution brings is a financial burden that will only escalate.

Today, you hear it all the time by our fearless leaders and from those so-called “experts” in the media who predict the United States will become energy independent some twenty or more years in to the future. They seem to have this magnificent vision of energy independence where the United States becomes a utopic island, separated from the rest of the world. But, as usual are so called experts of political “Wizardly” and our most sympathetic media continue to distort the facts. While our illustrious most esteemed legislatures in Washington continue to waste tax payers money on their instance that our energy problems can be solved by up grading existing technologies that only continue to increase our fossil fuel dependency and consumption there is an undercurrent that can make the fossil fuel industry almost obsolete. And, for all those who jump on to the emerging green energy availabilities they will reap the benefits. The United States could lead the world in deployment of green energy sources that will provide the employment opportunities that will enable the majority of Americas to actually be able to gain financial prosperity and secure this nations stability.

We have known that green energy technologies have been pushed aside for far too long, courtesy of our oil conglomerates. When we think of the beginning of the green energy movement we think back to the mid 1970’s. At that time solar and wind technologies were just getting started. Unfortunately, though just like what happened in the early 50’s when the Tucker Automobile was being developed for mass production the oil conglomerates as well as the big Auto manufacturers like Ford and GM effectively crushed the makers of the Tucker before even one car came off the assembly line. It has been the same thing that has hindered the development for the green energy movement. And, that is to make solar, more info please visit sites:- wind and other sources of green energy affordable for the majority of Americans to purchase and effectively use to lower their energy costs, which have only continued to increase by more than 20% each year.

One of the biggest concerns with the solar and wind energy development has been the harnessing of these energy sources into useable liquid forms. This is where this energy could be readily used to power our current automobiles, air craft and other modes of transport that currently are powered by combustible engines. With all this talk of natural gas being the next generation of energy where we still have to continue to drill and fracture the earth to retrieve it still leaves a lasting legacy as to the horrific damage we continue to do to the planet. Solar gas on the other had is unintrusive to the earth. It is this new source of energy that is far more cost efficient and produces more than 25 times the equivalent amount of energy.

But, what exactly is solar gas? Solar Gas is a combustible fuel, originally developed by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organization. Solar gas is a super-charged product that contains more power than natural gas. It is a product that can be stored and transported or used in its fuel form instead of burning fossil resources. SolarGas will reduce carbon emissions drastically by combining water and sunshine. In non scientific terms solar gas is a high-temperature concentrated solar thermal technology. This is where the sun’s energy is captured in an endothermic process (chemical reaction caused by absorbing heat) that transforms the hydrogen and oxygen gas in the water into a higher energy product. Could be said a bit like ‘solar supercharging’ the fuel.

All that is required to produce solar gas is a field of mirrors (heliostats) used to direct solar energy to a tower which houses a reactor. The reactor uses the high temperatures created by the solar energy, in the presence of a catalyst, to perform a chemical reaction in the water converting it to solar gas. The SolarGas facility at CSIRO’s National Solar Energy Centre, Newcastle, New South Wales, already uses 170 mirrors to receive and concentrate more than 500 kW of solar energy.

The advantages of developing solar gas technology is tremendous. Just think of the number of good high paying jobs that are a by product in producing solar gas. combine that incentive with the fact that Solar gas produces 25% more energy than natural gas. It is greenhouse emission free. Can be stored, Vegan leather bags transported, and even exported in liquid form. It can be used to make diesel, methanol and gasoline fuels without leaving a trail of carbon emissions. Will create efficient electric by powering a gas driven turbine which will produce more that 60 times the amount of electricity that is currently generated using today’s conventional methods, like coal, nuclear, and oil power sources. Probably the most cost savings will come when solar gas can be delivered using existing gas pipelines and can be successfully integrated into existing hybrid transport vehicles.

We also should remember when Robert Bryce recently asserted that the worlds $5 trillion a year appetite for energy supplied by oil, fashion tape coal, natural gas and nuclear power literally is keeping the world hostage just like the right wing Republican extremists in America today with that government shutdown of last year. We really are held hostage to the energy used during the late 19th and the 20th century. A constant source of fuels that has always had an enormous financial impact for a select few. But, for the rest of us along with every ecosystem around the world the effects of our continued use and consumption of fossil fuel has caused devastation on a global scale.

It has been well documented that man ever since the beginning of the first industrial revolution green house gasses have only accelerated global warming. Today, all one has to do to see the effects of what man has caused by the continued use, production, gold coast clear carts and consumption of fossil fuel is visit the outer banks of Alaska and the areas surrounding the North Pole. Even closer to home are the algae plums and red tide. Proponents of the oil and coal industry keep asserting that green energy will never equate to the power needed that comes with the use of existing fossil fuel sources. There again policy makers have only one frame of mind and that is the all mighty dollar. If policy makers are not committed to reducing global carbon dioxide emissions it is because the current price of existing sources of energy that matter. To date the price of coal is wining out compared to newer forms of energy production, like solar or wind. By the way, discreet firearms plug solar power really is the most affordable energy source available but current policies have made it most cost prohibitive for too many all around the world. Too many policy makers keep asserting that when economic growth confront policies of reduction in carbon dioxide emissions economic growth wins every time. The question every one really knows is the economic growth of a few that stand in the way of reducing carbon emissions.


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