The Happo Kaiten of Ninjutsu – Developing the 8 Directional Basic Rolling Escape Skills of the Ninja

Are you interested in knowing all you can about the Ninja’s arts of self defense and Life Mastery? Do you really want to to learn Ninjutsu, in all of its aspects?

I can see why. There is hardly anyone who does not know about these once secret ancient warriors. car ninja And, one of the skills that stands out for most is the Ninja warrior’s effortless and spontaneous use of rolling as a means of attack, defense, and escape.

This article exposes the secret behind the Ninja’s rolling skills and also outlines the 8 basic directions that you must be proficient in if you are to be considered to have a minimum level of skill proficiency with your own rolling skills.

Everyone knows that the Ninja are skilled at rolling. In fact, Latest foodie story rolling is a major part of just about all of the unarmed kata within the Togakure-Ryu Ninjutsu School, one of the oldest lineages within the Bujinkan Dojo training curriculum that I received from my own teachers, and lead by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, grandmaster of the school, as well as 8 other traditional schools of warrior training.

But, it is one thing to know “about” these skills, and quite another to actually train in being able to perform them.

And then, it is something altogether different to understand the tactical and strategic logic and reasoning behind why, when, and where to apply your rolling skills to give you the advantage and superior position in a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation!

And this, my friend, is the level that separates the mere martial artist learning some Ninja skills, and the Master of the art of Ninjutsu!

And, this is where you must begin – where you must focus your attention – if you are training to be able to do more than just show off to your friends. This is the first lesson in critical, more info please visit these websites:- combat-oriented, strategic thinking…

Rolling allows you to cover ground more effectively, disappear from view quickly as you roll behind cover, and neutralize the force of a throw. As a minimum, you should be able to roll in the following 8 directions:


  • Straight Forward – directly over your head and along your spine
  • Forward diagonal – over left your shoulder
  • Forward diagonal – over your right shoulder
  • Left sideways – directly to the side
  • Right sideways – (same as left – these two should not be ‘modified’ shoulder rolls!)
  • Left rear diagonal – from hip to right shoulder
  • Right rear diagonal – from right hip to opposite shoulder
  • Backward – from butt to shoulders, directly along your spine


Practice should include rolling from standing, kneeling, and even positions where you are sitting or lying on the ground. The scrolls also require that, to be considered to have attained at least a minimum level of Mastery, that you can execute each roll using:


  • One hand
  • Both hands, and…
  • NO hands!


Of course, as you advance in skill, you can also include the concepts of rolling over obstacles (like over the hood of a car); rolling “up” an incline (effectively neutralizing the force of gravity); strike and kick while entering and exiting a roll; throw shuriken and employ other weapons; and using your rolls to not only counter, but to actually reverse the effects of your assailant’s attempted lock, hold, or throw!

Are you serious about mastering the art of ninjutsu, or just curious about what gives this system its power? Do you want to know what it takes to progress through the levels of self defense mastery in this powerful martial art?


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