Two Products You Must Have To Complete Your Driving Experience

The Sony MEX-BT3800U offers the ultimate in a CD player and goes well above the capabilities of a typical audio machine.  Also, in addition to being able to play your CDs, CD-RWs and CD-Rs with its enhanced sound quality, the Sony CD player also features Bluetooth compatibility and audio streaming which will allow you to easily play all of your music on any of your Bluetooth compatible devices.  Additionally, the USB jack will let you connect you cell phone, iPod or similar USB device directly into your CD player.

Another great feature includes the quick browsing technology which allows you the ability to locate your music either by artist, genre, playlist, or album, as well as the capability of fast-forwarding or just listening to clips of your favorite songs, until you are able to find precisely what you were looking for. And for those days that that you prefer to listen to the radio, the CD player comes equipped with HD and satellite radio ready, it needs only the Sony Bus adaptors and an HD radio tuner in order to complete the entire package. Radio broadcast information can even be displayed, including the artist of the song, the title and album name.  Finally, when your drive is over, the detachable faceplate can easily be removed for added security.

A Cobra 9545 will complete your driving experience by offering the reliable radar detection capabilities of seven radar and six lasers as well as one safety signal.  Simply turn it on allowing the detector to complete a self test, after which it will notify you that it is all ready to go.  The high performance Cobra is impervious to VG-2 and Spectre I detector-detectors and has an auto shutdown feature which allows it to go undetected by any of the currently available detectors for radar detectors.

This Cobra detector has many other features which make it an exceptional product.  Its DigiView display will clearly show digital text, while its LasarEye feature offers a 360-degree laser detection, all accompanied by a voice alert of any signal it detects.  Ku Band and POP Mode radar guns are able to be detected and you will be automatically alerted if it detects that you are currently under surveillance by a VG-2 radar detector-detector.  And finally, several very driver-friendly features are included such as the automatic reduction of false alerts, a dimming feature great for night driving, and various operating modes for use in city or highway driving as well as automatic memorization of any past settings for the radar detector.  This is one of those definite must have items for the most peaceful driving experience!

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