Are You Getting Ripped Off by Big Auto Insurance Companies?

When shopping for auto insurance for your vehicle or vehicles you can choose from many insurance companies. The biggest auto insurance companies that offer numerous plans are GEICO, Allstate, MetLife, Nationwide, Traveler’s and others.

The biggest advantage of purchasing your auto insurance from one of these large auto insurance companies is that they all offer the main six types of coverage depending on people’s specific requirements. The types of insurances offered are liability, collision, medical, uninsured, comprehensive and auto rental coverage.

Liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury; such as, if your vehicle damaged the fence around someone’s house, then the auto insurance company pays for the repair of the fence. Collision is another coverage offered by all of the above large insurance companies would pay for repairs to your vehicle but with usually a deductible which can be high depending on the age and condition of your vehicle.

The medical portion of your auto insurance policy would cover all medical costs regardless of whether or not it was your fault or not. This protects you in case the other party does not have medical coverage.

Comprehensive coverage is the part of your auto insurance policy that would cover and damages caused to your vehicle by fire or flood, vandalism or the theft of your vehicle. Also, uninsured or underinsured coverage is offered. This would cover you if you are in an accident with another driver who does not feel it necessary to purchase auto insurance or who simply cannot afford it.

Auto rental coverage would provide you with a replacement auto when you are in an auto accident and you car is in the shop for repairs. This type of coverage may make your premium higher but it will certainly give you peace of mind knowing that if you are in an accident you will still be able to get to work, go to school, do your grocery shopping or take your children to school. As you know, everyone leads a busy life and they are not always in a position to assist you when you need transportation if your auto is not drivable and you cannot afford the high cost of renting an auto on your own.

In the long run, the bigger insurance companies may be able to offer you the best rates available just because of the volume of policies they sell. They can afford to offer you, not only the broad services above at reasonable prices, but extra benefits in the form of reductions for such things as a record of no accidents, loyalty to their company by continuing with them year after year, no moving traffic violations on your record and many other ways.

Larger insurance companies can usually provide you with immediate service 24/7 when you are in an accident or simply have the need to talk to a representative regarding your policy. All of the extra benefits a larger company can offer you will give you peace of mind when you purchase your insurance policy with one of them because of the comfort you feel when dealing with an auto insurance company that has a long history dealing with the public.

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