Brain Power For Politicians

Politicians have the greatest need to have their fully optimized brains at all times, because they are the ultimate deciding factors about the economic, political, ethnic, geographic, industrial, cultural future of the Country. Politicians should be able to grasp the intentions behind certain movement and proposals moved by other nations and international bodies in order to take quick decisions whether to participate in them or not.

A National Policy should be formulated and implemented to compel all political leaders to follow the prescribed procedure on regular basis in order to keep them not only active but also to enhance and boost their brain. This is going to give results definitely in due course. The most attractive thing is that it might be possible to make budget provision in advance for incurring of expenditure on certain foods and medicines and instruments, which are available in the World, which are responsible to boost up the brain and increase its power and capacity.

I rather feel that there should be an overall revolution for increasing brain power, not only of politicians, but of all persons of all categories, including government and semi government employees, members of various Groups and Committees, students and teachers, housewives, elderly persons, small children etc. etc. This might seem to be a childish proposal in the first instance, but its value will be observed when the results start coming in a few years time. The scientists and doctors should be encouraged to do inventions and discoveries in the field of brain boosting and increasing brain power and subsidy schemes should be put in place for all those scientists and doctors. Not only that, they should also be suitably rewarded whenever they are successful in making some achievement in this field. Such brain boosting drive should also be extended to defense personnel, so that they are able to make very excellent innovative defense strategies, which could not be failed by any hostile elements.

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