Plus Size Swimwear – What Are Your Choices?

As summer and warmer weather draws closer, thoughts begin to turn to beach vacations and weekends beside the pool. These thoughts also come into play during the winter months when many people jet off to warmer climates or sail off on cruises to escape the harsh winter. This all of course means getting out the bathing suits and poolside clothing. However, for many people, in particular plus size women, putting on skin-reveling swimwear can be a daunting prospect. Getting over this fear is twofold: taking pride in your body and taking confidence from the wealth of plus size women’s swimwear available today.

Actually, once you take some time to browse the catalogs of on-line plus size women’s swimwear and get inspired by the slimming and tasteful designs, what are hip dips a lot of the hesitation will disappear. The range of selections from a wide variety of on-line retailers is nothing short of amazing. Plus size women’s swimwear styles range from one-piece suits, swim skirts, tankinis, and even plus size women’s bikinis.

The main challenge is to select a suit that works for you. Below are some guidelines to help you select the best plus size swimsuit that will complement your shape and your personal style:

*Know your body type — not all plus size women have the same shape. Don’t confuse plus size with one size fits all “large clothing”. Get an idea of which parts of your figure you want to accentuate and which parts you would like to quietly draw attention away from. Not all plus size women have large thighs. If you have shapely legs, then by all means, don’t be afraid to go with a higher cut suit. Conversely, if you would like to conceal your upper things, then there are plenty of options to choose from such as swim skirts and sarongs.

*Go up in size — when sizing plus size swimwear, it’s generally a good idea to go up a size if your measurements are between sizes. Go with your largest size measurements when ordering. For example, if you have a size 1X bust and size 2X hips, then order a size 2X swimsuit.

*Try a Tankini on for size — a tankini is a great concept for women who want a 2-piece swimsuit, but don’t want to revel as much as a bikini does.

*Accessorize — for a woman, a swimsuit is more than just a garment for taking a dip in the pool. It truly is a fashion item; no different really than a dress or casual wear. So it only follows that some accessorizing is in order. Use your imagination and try necklaces and bracelets to complement your suit. Tying up your hair with a colorful scarf is another option. Also consider an elegant caftan to wear over your swimsuit. This works great for pool parties and on cruises.

*Go Hi-Tech — many plus size women’s swimwear is structured with linings and materials to provide both support as well as a slimming effect. Blends of nylon and Spandex provide resiliency and comfort. Swimsuits made from Chloroban are quick drying and resist the harsh, fabric destroying effects of chlorine. This is a smart choice if you swim laps in over-chlorinated pools and are tired of replacing your swimsuits every season because they’ve disinigrated.

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